Veronica (2017)

Directed by Paco Plaza.  Written by Plaza and Fernando Navarro.  Starring Sandra Escacena, Bruna Gonzalez, Claudia Placer, Ivan Chavero, Ana Torrent, Consuelo Trujillo, Angela Fabian, Carla Campra and Chema Adeva.

Plot: in 1991, a teenage girl plays with a Ouija board and soon after, evil arrives.


Hailed as one of the scariest movies ever made, Veronica (Escacena) follows a teenage girl, who, on the day of a solar eclipse, decides to summon a spirit with two of of her friends using a Ouija board.  She’s trying to reach her father, but something else answers instead.  And that’s about the thick of it.

The creature that she starts seeing after she plays with the board is disturbing, but not very much so.  I mean, we didn’t jump.  Not even once.  There’s an edge to the movie certainly.  There’s just the right amount of tension to keep you holding your breath throughout the film, but you never come off your seat completely.  The acting was nice though, especially by the younger kids.  The specials were impressive as well.  There was some Freddy Claws since her siblings were so nice to her and the nun believed what she was seeing, but my gosh were her friends annoying!  Bad, bad friends.  And her mother ain’t much better.

While we know this is based on a true story, we still wonder why the spirit they contacted never went after Veronica’s friends.  We understand that it was technically she that called the spirit or whatever, but her friends played, too.  They should have gotten some of the bullshit thrown their way.


Regardless of the crappy friends and the lack of jumpscares, we did both really like the movie and we definitely recommend you give it a watch.  It’s the perfect unsettling experience.

Our score: 63.

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