XX (2017)

This horror anthology consists of 4 very different short stories by strong female directors, writers and leads.  It’s supposed to be special in that way, but I didn’t get that.



Written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic (based on a story by Jack Ketchum).  Starring Natalie Brown, Jonathan Watton, Peter Dacunha, and Peyton Kennedy.  This story revolves around a young boy that begins acting strangely after looking inside a stranger’s gift box on a train.  It was an unsettling story, but completely pointless.  Bullshit as DJ said.  There wasn’t a plot really.  Just why?  Why to all of it?  And what was in the fucking box?  DJ hated this one and I really didn’t like it.



Directed by Annie Clark.  Written by Clark and Roxanne Benjamin.  Starring Melanie Lynsky, Seth Duhame and Lindsay Burdge.  This story is about a woman who refuses to let a little bit of death ruin her child’s birthday party.  It was bold, different, funny and original.  Really, she was just trying to be a good mom.  We really liked this one and were finally excited about the movie.  Sadly, the rest didn’t go that well.



Written and directed by Roxanne Benjamin.  Starring Casey Adams, Breeda Wool, Angela Trimbur and Morgan Krantz.  In this very simple story a vacation turns deadly.  So, this story was scary, but we had no idea why or what it was.  And it was well acted, but we didn’t actually like anyone.  We really wish they could’ve fit in some back story.  It was fun to watch and I jumped once, but there was no Freddy Claws at all.  It was an average story at best.



Written and directed by Karyn Kusama.  Starring Christina Kirk, Kyle Allen, Mike Doyle and Morgan Peter Brown.  This story revolves around a woman who’s son is becoming dangerous and whom she can no longer control.  It was basically Rosemary’s Baby all grown up.  It was unoriginal and we didn’t get the ending at all.  It wasn’t as bad as The Box, but it was still pretty bad.

Altogether, the movie wasn’t really a good one.  The only reason our scores have some stock is because of The Birthday Party.  So, maybe just put the movie on and watch that one and then turn it off.  LOL.

My score: 46.  DJ’s score: 40.

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