Dark House (2009)

Directed by Darin Scott.  Written by Scott and Kerry Douglas Dye.  Starring Jeffrey Combs, Scott Whyte, Meghan Ory, Diane Salinger and Matt Cohen.

Plot: a group of acting students come to work for a haunted house that turns out to be truly haunted.


In the Old Darrode House, Janet Darrode ran a foster home but then killed all the children and then herself.  Of course, she’s still haunting the place and that leads to a nasty end for most of the people working at the house.

So, what’s wrong with this film?  A LOT!  The acting is very good and we’ve seen these people in other things, so I’m convinced it’s the director’s fault.  The rules kept changing.  The main girl is so annoying.  And the only people that other people want to save are the people they want to have sex with.

Still it wasn’t even that bad until the ending.  And there were sort of two endings.  One where one of the people inside the house is doing the killing and one where the ghost is.  But we don’t know why they didn’t confirm more clearly which one was the one that was actually going on.  Ugh.  It pissed us off so much.

Our score: 25.

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