Leaf Blower Massacre 1 + 2

Written by Anthony Cooney and Michael Wade Johnson and Josh Stephenson

Directed by Anthony Cooney

Starring, Ari Lehman, Kaylee Williams, Shavar D. Clark, Anita Nicole Brown, Portia Chellelynn, Lillian Lamour, Joe Debartolo and Anthony Cooney

For a first effort this is pretty good, though some of the music doesn’t always match what is happening, the effects are pretty good. Part 1 is a short available on youtube, part 2 is an almost feature length movie.

Tara wishes it had been more campy and less serious. She also didn’t like the band in the movie. An obvious nod to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I liked the acting for the most part but Tara did not. We thought it was original with okay protagonists. I enjoyed the motive a little more than Tara did. We didn’t give it rules points because of the killer killing certain people.

Even has a lesbian shower scene that is rudely interrupted. Stay tuned for the after credits scene.

All in all Tara didn’t like much with a score of 33/100 but i think its worth a view with a score of 54/100


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