Taken From Me (2018 Horror Short)

Written and directed by Adam Salinas.  Starring Marcus D. Moore, Josh Greiveldinger, Joel Reitsma and Cassi Schiano.

Plot: a home invasion victim turns the tables on his assailants in a most unusual way.


Taken From Me is a horror short that premiered at Cinequest Film Festival this month.  It will also be shown at Milwaukee’s Twisted Dreams Film Festival on April 6, 2019 and Georgia’s ME Film Festival April 25.  We suggest that if you’re in the area and can get to the festival, you should.  This short alone is worth it.

Self-funded for around $5,000, Taken From Me is about two robbers who enter the home of a man they only think is alone.  The truth turns out to be quite deadly.  What was bad about this home invasion short?  Nothing really.  We were really impressed.

The specials were slight, but highly effective.  The acting was brilliant for a short.  The direction was skilled.  And the story telling was both original and potent – it managed to engage us completely in only nine minutes.  It fit in all the how’s and why’s it needed to.  And the end was very good.  Altogether, this was a very promising endeavor and we can’t wait to see more from Salinas.

My score: 76.  DJ’s score: 80.

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