Halloween Night (2006)

Directed by Mark Atkins.  Written by David Michael Latt and Michael Gingold.  Starring Rebekah Kochan, Jan Anderson, Jared Cohn, Derek Osedach, Scot Nery and Alicia Klein.

Plot: it’s basically Halloween.  It’s a big time copy.  I don’t know if that was the point, but that’s what it is.


Chris Vale was admitted to an asylum as a child after almost being killed by the same men who killed his mother.  He’s disfigured now – of course – and at 22-years-old he escapes from the institution by killing some guards.  Then, he goes home.  The person who currently lives there is holding a Halloween party.  And he starts killing everyone in sight.

Good points: boob shots.  A lot of them.  And the fact that this movie is so stupid you can just pop it in and make fun the whole time.

Bad points: everything else.  It’s really low-budget.  It tried to be clever, but it should have just stuck with being campy.  Unnecessarily long fade outs.  Rebekah is a horrible actress – when she’s mad or sad or hugging or crying.  The surprise ending.  And the stupid “no hot co-ed was harmed” during the credits.  We do not recommend.

Our score: 22.

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