When A Stranger Calls (1979)

Directed by Fred Walton.  Written by Walton and Steve Feke.  Starring Carol Kane, Charles Durning, Colleen Dewhurst, Tony Beckley and Carmen Argenziano.

Plot: it’s the classic urban legend about the babysitter and the man upstairs.


If you don’t know this story, find this movie and watch it immediately.  We don’t know where you’ve been, but this nail-biter is guaranteed to give you the heebie jeebies.  There’s a really creepy atmosphere throughout the film.  And it’s a classic story that’s told very well here.  We sincerely wanted the best for the protagonist.

Also, and lastly, because I’m not going to do anything to spoil this film if you haven’t seen it: Charles Durning is a gangsta!!

Our score: 86.  Love it!

“Have you checked the children?”

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