Spiders (2013)

Directed by Tibor Takacs.  Written by Takacs, Joseph Farruggia and Dustin Warburton.  Starring Patrick Muldoon, Christa Campbell, William Hope, Christian Contreras and Sydney Sweeney.

Plot: giant spiders take over Manhattan.


I think the main problem with this movie is that people are going into it expecting something more than it is.  It’s a giant spider movie and for a giant spider movie it was pretty good.  There were some of the best creature spider effects we’ve seen.  I mean, they looked liked they were really there.

The movie didn’t really follow any rules, but you have to suspend a certain amount of reality to enjoy these kinds of movies anyway.  Like, for some reason guns don’t kill them, but water does.  And they just so happen to be afraid of toy dogs.

The one thing absolutely terrible about this film – the one thing we cannot forgive – is the main actresses (Campbell) “acting”.  Everyone else was fine, but she’s sketchy.  Even her character is useless.  She doesn’t do anything remotely helpful until the last ten minutes of the movie and this is just to close a door.


Over all though, it’s not a bad movie.  Just mediocre.  A medial creature feature that we recommend if you like those sorts of things.

Our score: 50.

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