Mind Ripper (1995) (AKA The Outpost)

Directed by Joe Gayton.  Written by Jonathan Craven (Wes’s son) and Phil Mittleman.  Starring Lance Henriksen, Claire Stansfield, Giovanni Ribisi, Natasha Gregson Wagner, John Diehl, Dan Bloom, Gregory Sporleder and Adam Solomon.

Plot: government scientists attempt to reanimate a corpse and instead, create a monster.


In this Wes Craven produced film, scientists try to reanimate a corpse.  Six months after, they have the body in a stasis state, but it wakes up.  He wakes up.  But he’s less of a “he” now and more of a thing.  When he wakes up, he immediately kills two of the scientists.  He thinks Lance is God though, literally.  He asks him if he’s God.  It’s pretty horrendous dialogue actually.  There’s some pretty horrendous acting, too.  Mainly from Wagner and Solomon.  Lance was good of course, but he’s Lance, so we were expecting as much.

All in all, it was a pretty okay movie.  Like, just a middle-of-the-road affair.  The killer guy acted like a 5-year-old reptile with Wolverine like powers.  And at the end he pops up almost comically every time he’s supposed to.  It’s funny as hell.  We recommend one viewing at least, especially if you’re a genre buff.

My score: 58.  DJ’s score: 50.

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