Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

Directed by Scott Glasserman.  Written by Glasserman and David J. Stieve.  Starring Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethels, Robert Englund, Scott Wilson, Kate Miner, Bridgett Newton, Ben Pace, Zelda Rubenstein and Kane Hodder in a cool cameo.

Plot: a mockumentary/horror film about the next great slasher, Leslie Vernon.


In a world where Jason, Freddy and Michael are real killers, a documentary crew go to interview the next great villian, Leslie Vernon (Baesel).  Leslie has a friend (Wilson) who is a retired killer they also interview.  He refers to the big 3 as Jay, Fred and Mike and it’s hilarious.  The whole movie has humor spread throughout as it goes back and forth between being a documentary and a horror movie.

We also love that Doc Halloran, his “Ahab” (or his “Loomis” if you will) is played by Robert Englund.  He is “the reflection of good in humanity” that will stop at nothing to kill the killer.  It’s a very interesting and fun movie.  It’s a love letter to all the other slasher greats.  And it follows all the slasher rules to a tee, even the one where the survivor girl ends up in just a tank top at the end.  LOL.


We both really liked the movie and recommend it, but DJ not as much as me.  He found that everyone acting so stupidly affected him in a negative way.  See, there’s a twist of course, and no one in the movie sees it coming when it’s so obvious that they should.  However, we still think everyone in love with horror should see this.  It’s a fun film.

My score: 73.  DJ’s score: 62.

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