Madman (1982)

Written and directed by Joe Giannone.  Starring Gaylen Ross, Paul Ehlers, Tony Fish, Seth Jones, Harriet Bass, Jan Claire, Alex Murphy, Jimmy Steele and Carl Fredericks.

Plot: a legendary psychopath that killed his family with an axe, now stalks a summer camp.


It is told around the campfire that Madman Marz (loosely based on New York legend, Cropsy) killed his family and then escaped.  Now, every time someone says his name, he will come and kill you.  Sort of a Bloody Mary type thing.

Well, the movie could have been shorter.  The acting and the writing are both done a little half-assed, so we were kinda just waiting for it to end.  The characters make the dumbest decisions, whether it be going off completely alone or not calling the cops while they can.  And no one believed anything.  They didn’t even believe what they saw with their own eyes, so Freddy Claws was crap.

Points for hilarity though.  Even though most of it was unintentional.  TP dies too early, considering how funny he was.  And Richie, the boy who started it all by awakening Marz in the first place, isn’t even killed.  That doesn’t seem fair at all.  There was not a good motive.  No innovation as he just kills people with an axe the whole time.  And it didn’t follow any rules.  We don’t recommend.

My score: 30.  DJ’s score: 23.

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