The Grudge (2004)

Directed by Takeshi Shimizu.  Written by Schimizu and Stephen Susco.  Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Behr, Clea DuVall, Bill Pullman, Ted Raimi, Ryo Ishibashi, William Mapother, Grace Zabriskie and KaDee Strickland.

Plot: a family killed in a fit of rage haunts a house and anyone who comes in it because “when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse is left behind – it never forgives and it never forgets”.


The movie basically revolves around Karen (Gellar) who takes over a caretaking job after the previous caretaker goes missing.  The job is in a haunted house and the very first day she’s there, she encounters the ghost.  Her boss (Raimi) finds her almost catatonic in the house and from there it just gets worse.

The movie is scary.  I’m not watching it alone.  It has a good cast and good effects.  It has one really innovative kill that gets a good deal of points from us.  And the people were likable.  But that’s the problem, because they die for nothing.  The motive really sucks as the ghosts go after innocent people.  Also, the end sucked.  I do recommend the watch though.  Especially if you like Japanese horror tropes.

My score: 60.  DJ’s score: 52.

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