The Grudge 3 (2009)

Directed by Toby Wilkins.  Written by Brad Keene.  Starring  Johanna Braddy, Gil McKinney, Jodie Hobson, Emi Ikehata, Shawnee Smith, Beau Mirchoff, Matthew Knight and Marina Sirtis.

Plot: a Japanese woman comes to Chicago to help a small family stop a new curse.


So, apparently Jake (Knight) didn’t die at the end of the last movie.  He was found just in time for us to watch him die in the beginning of this movie.  And it’s nasty, too.  Shawnee Smith plays his doctor, who doesn’t believe in the curse until after she watches him die.  Meanwhile, a woman, Naoko (Ikehata), in Japan, decides that she must come to Chicago to help get rid of the curse once and for all.  The curse is alive and well in the Chicago apartment building from the last movie, where a young man, Max (McKinney), is managing the place and living there with his 2 sisters, Lisa (Braddy) and Rose (Hobson).

The curse is killing people in the building though and eventually it ends up possessing Max.  And it turns out that Naoko is there because her sister, Kayako, is the woman who was killed by her husband that’s been haunting everyone.  If this all sounds a mess, it is.  This movie has some rule about the curse being reborn, as though the curse needed a fucking loophole to be stronger.

Another problem with the movie is that no one is likable.  Especially the immature Lisa who just goes around to the vacant apartments in the building to have sex with her boyfriend, Andy (Mirchoff).  And it certainly doesn’t help that the acting is only subpar.  Most of the people – aside from Hobson and Ikehata – have like two facial expressions.  And we’ve seen most of these people in other things, so maybe it’s the direction that’s off.

grudge 3

To add to all that, no one had a survival instinct.  They’d just fall and refuse to get back up.  There was no Freddy Claws, no reasonable motive and sucktastic rules.  I guess the moral of the story is Don’t Kill Japanese People because they will come back and kill you, too.

Our score: 23.

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