The Violent Kind (2010)

Directed by The Butcher Brothers.  Written by The Butcher Brothers and Adam Weiss.  Starring Taylor Cole, Tiffany Shepis, Cory Knauf, Bret Roberts and Joe Egender.

Plot: a group of bikers and their girlfriends go to a secluded farmhouse where one of them gets possessed.


God this movie sucked.  There was too much bullshit and not enough story.  What was the motive?  What were the rules?  This was so unrealistic and corny, corny, corny.  It took itself way too seriously.  Maybe if it hadn’t, we’d be recommending it as a horror comedy.  As is though, we don’t recommend it at all.

We’re left with a lot of questions and if you’ve watched the movie, maybe you have the same ones.  But why would you get that close to a possessed person?  And why drop the knife to pick up the Bible?  Why does that little place even have a Bible?  And does this all mean that Rockabilly aliens are coming to kill us because we’re the violent kind?  Or are they the violent kind?  We are confused.

Our score: 25.

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