Down A Dark Hall (2018)

Directed by Rodrigo Cortes.  Written by Michael Goldbach and Chris Sparling, based on a novel by Lois Duncan.  Starring AnnaSophia Robb, Uma Thurman, Isabelle Fuhrman, Noah Silver, Victoria Moroles, Taylor Russell, Rosie Day, Jodhi May and Rebecca Front.

Plot: five girls in a boarding school discover it’s truly horrifying purpose.


A young woman jumps out a window to her death in the film’s opening, but why?  Well, then we meet Kit (Robb), who was accused of arson she says she didn’t commit, so they send her to Blackwood boarding school with four other girls.  The headmistress there is Madame Duret (Thurman) and her son, Jules (Silver), is the gorgeous music teacher.  All the girls at the school have a talent.  Kit’s is, of course, music, so that she can get close to the hot teacher.  The other girls have talents in art, math and poetry.  But there’s a twist, of course.  Cause there has to be.  And it’s very… annoying.

That’s what I think of this movie.  It’s very annoying.  It’s so very muddled, too.  Also, it was produced by Stephenie Meyer (and this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed Twilight), so it’s a bit too melodramatic for it’s own good.  For instance, we refuse to believe that slapping a nose ring on AnnaSophia Robb makes her a “bad girl”.

The only thing the movie had going for it was the hot teacher (which it ruined, but I won’t say more than that) and Kit’s stepfather, who was funny and likable, but only in the movie for like, five minutes.

Our score: 28.

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