Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

Written and directed by Victor Salva.  Starring Stan Shaw, Gabrielle Hough, Meg Foster, Gina Philips and Jonathan Breck.

Plot: The Creeper continues his feast.


This movie takes place between the first and second movies.  It’s while The Creeper was still on his 23-day feeding frenzy.  It mostly involves cops trying to catch him/it.  But this time it centers a lot around the BEATINGU vehicle itself, which can apparently drive on it’s own and is also invincible.  It has all these inventive traps inside of it and around it that are lethal.  DJ didn’t like the truck story though.  He didn’t think the truck needed to be so tough since The Creeper himself is all invincible.

Some of the kills are quite satisfying, but the acting could have been better.  It’s just so melodramatic.  I myself wasn’t as impressed with the visuals in this movie.  I felt like it slacked a bit.  Good points though – there was Freddy Claws in this one, the opening was solid and it was fun to watch.  Bad news – we still don’t know why or what The Creeper really is.  We’d like to know more about his origins, ya know?

DJ gave all 3 movies a 45.  He recommends the whole series only slightly.  I myself think the first one is better than the rest, but agreed with DJ on this one.

Our score: 45.

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