Haunting of Cell Block 11 (2014) (AKA Apparitional)

Written and directed by Andrew P. Jones.  Starring Jeffrey Johnson, Linara Washington, Charley Koontz, John Zderko, Bill Lithgow and Dee Wallace.

Plot: a group of ghost hunters step into a truly haunted prison with a grisly past.


First of all, the movie should’ve stuck with the Apparitional title.  It made more sense.  As for a Cell Block 11, one is never even mentioned.  So, whatever.  Still, the movie was pretty decent.

The ghost hunters have a show on TV, but the show is failing due to low ratings due to the low incidences of actual paranormal activity.  So, they take this case at a supposedly haunted prison.  At first, we didn’t really like them much because everyone in the town warns them not to go in and more than once, they’re all, “We’re professionals.  We can take anything and everything that goes down.”  But of course, they can’t.  Why?  Because several of the prisoners were killers and there was a sick doctor experimenting on them.

Why is it that everyone in these movies who believes in ghosts believes that ghosts won’t – or can’t – hurt you?  I mean, if ghosts exist, who’s to say what they can do?  Freddy Claws and rules were not abounding in this movie.  But like I said before, it’s a good watch.  Mostly because of the end.  And the Halle Berry actor/producer lookalike ain’t bad either.


This was Jones first horror movie and we recommend it.  We’re certainly going to see anything else he does and hope that his creativity flourishes.

My score: 64.  DJ’s score: 54.

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