Ouija (2014)

Directed by Stiles White.  Written by White and his wife, Juliet Snowden.  Starring Olivia Cooke, Daren Kagasoff, Douglas Smith, Robyn Lively, Bianca Santos, Ana Coto and Lin Shaye.

Plot: a group of friends have to confront their fears after releasing dark powers while playing with a Ouija board.


Debbie throws her Ouija board in the fire, burning it, but then it reappears in her room.  She ends up hanging herself and somehow, later, her BFF Laine, thinks it’s a good idea to use the board to contact her dead friend.  Like, that’s the worst idea ever.  And yet, she even gets four of her friends to go along with it.

I’ll leave the plot there because that’s actually not what’s wrong with this movie.  The Ouija plot is a classic one.  We were just upset because they could’ve done so much more with this and they failed.  Also, the writing wasn’t very consistent which I believed made it hard for the actors to do their jobs well.  For instance, one minute Isabelle (Santos) is like, “I don’t believe this” and then three seconds later she’s freaking out like she believes in everything ever.  And Sarah (Coto) doesn’t want to Ouija at all – if I can use that as a verb for a second – but then starts to cry and tells “Debbie” she misses her, then later says that it was all stupid and none of it was real.  And Laine (Cooke) is all about the board, but then shit gets scary and she’s all, “We’ll just put that away and never do it again and it will solve everything.”


There’s also all sorts of other problems.  The fact that their friend just died and no one seems to care much.  The big emotional scene at the end that’s supposed to be a big deal isn’t even mentioned by Laine after it happens.  And when the ghost finally shows up, she looks absolutely awful and all we get as a reaction is an “Oh!”.  I would’ve been shitting bricks and screaming my ass off.

The movie was scary.  I’ll give it that.  We both will.  But everything else suffered.  We don’t recommend.

Our score: 28.

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