Ghost Stories (2017)

Written and directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, based on their play of the same name.  Starring Nyman, Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther, Paul Warren and Nicholas Burns.

Plot: three scary stories have a sinister connection to a Professor Goodman (Nyman), who has devoted his life to exposing phony supernatural happenings.


Professor Goodman has a hero.  A man, Charles Cameron, who also debunked supernatural theories in his time.  Cameron tells him that they were both wrong and the supernatural does exist and he gives Goodman three cases to prove it to him.

The first case is about a man named Matthews (Whitehouse) who works in an abandoned asylum and has one really bad, really freaky night.  The second case is about a boy named Rifkind (Lawther) who is driving without a license, hits some sort of creature and then breaks down on the side of the road.  It is also freaky.  The third case is about a man named Priddle (Freeman) who is home alone, awaiting the birth of his child, when he hears a sound upstairs and goes to investigate.

Ghost Stories

Just so we’re clear, me and DJ would NEVER work in an abandoned asylum.  We would NEVER take the shortcut through the woods alone.  And we would NEVER go upstairs alone to investigate a strange noise.  That’s just Horror Movie 101.  That being said, we were still both very freaked out by the things these three guys witnessed.  I was so scared I was watching most of the movie through my fingers.

Aside from both being scared though, me and DJ didn’t agree much on the film’s intentions.  He thought that at the end it shit the bed and made a huge joke of itself.  I disagreed.  At the end, I was existentially horrified and disturbed on a major level that the song “Monster Mash” playing through the credits couldn’t cure.  DJ just didn’t know why after such a serious movie, they decided to play a song with such playful undertones.


We both liked the cast and the specials were great, but only I liked the script and the story.  DJ would never rewatch it, but I would.  Just not by myself.  Never by myself.  This is one IFC Midnight film I truly recommend.  DJ, however, does not.

My score: 70.  DJ’s score: 30.

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