Rest Stop (2006)

Written and directed by John Shiban.  Starring Jaimie Alexander, Joey Lawrence, Joey Mendicino, Diane Salinger, Curtis Taylor and Nick Orefice.

Plot: a young woman is threatened by a serial killer after her boyfriend is abducted at a rest stop.


A foolish young woman, Nicole (Alexander) runs away from her family in Texas with her asshole boyfriend, Jess (Mendicino).  They’re headed all the way to California, so of course they have to make pit stops along the way.  At one rest stop, Jess goes missing and then Nicole is almost rundown by a pickup truck.  Then, she thinks she’s safe when some family picks her up, but they turn out to be uber religious and strange.  They circle back, drop her off at the same rest stop, call her a whore and tell her she will be punished.  This is when the real fun begins.

Sadly though, we hated this movie.  To explain, I must spoil a bit of it.  So…

******SPOILER ALERT******



Firstly, Nicole hallucinates or is haunted by some girl who was killed by the serial killer.  But if she’s hallucinating, why?  Is she mentally ill?  Because they established no such thing?  And if it’s a haunting, why?  Why would someone killed by the dude, help the dude kill others?  That just doesn’t make sense.


Secondly, the killer bites off the top of Nicole’s finger.  Bone and all.  Human jaws don’t have that kind of power.  Sorry.  Ugh.

Thirdly, she’s forced to shoot the cop (Lawrence) in the head to kill him because he’s in so much pain, but somehow she misses his brain.  So, she has to shoot him twice.  But then it turns out that he’s not real either.  Wait, what?  WTF are you trying to pull here?  WTF is going on?

The story was horrid.  Unoriginal and unrealistic.  We are so upset we watched the whole thing.  But at least DJ got to look at Jaimie, which is honestly probably the only reason he gave it slightly more points than me.

My score: 14.  DJ’s score: 19.

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