Atrocious (2010)

Written and directed by Fernando Barreda Luna.  Starring Cristian Valencia, Clara Moraleda and Rafael Amaya.

Plot: 2 teenage siblings have a terrifying experience while investigating a legend near their family’s vacation home.


Cristian (Valencia) and his sister, July (Moraleda) host a web-show investigating urban legends.  They plan to investigate one about a girl named Melinda, who disappeared in 1940 and now haunts the woods near their vacation home.  But the movie’s not really about their web-show or Melinda.  It’s more about the secrets within their own family that they don’t know about.

When the movie ended, I had to have DJ explain to me what happened, so he ended up giving it more points than I did, but not by much.  They put the dog in the movie just to kill it, of course.  And while the movie is very tense, we kept waiting for something truly scary to happen and it never quite did.  I also hated the motive, while DJ liked it.

Still, neither of us really recommend it unless you’re a diehard Spanish horror movie fan.  It’s simply not for everyone else.

My score: 41.  DJ’s score: 52.


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