High Lane (2009)

Directed by Abel Ferry.  Written by Johanne Bernard and Louis-Paul Desanges.  Starring Fanny Valette, Johan Libereau, Nicolas Giraud, Raphael Lenglet and Maud Wyler.

Plot: a group of people decide to hike and rock climb on a very dangerous pass in Croatia and of course, everything that can go wrong does and then they find out that someone or something is hunting them.


This group of people decide to hike and climb in Croatia even though the entrance to where they want to hike is blocked off.  They get talked into advancing anyway by Fred (Giraud), who it turns out knew the pass was blocked off ahead of time, but brought them all anyway.  Asshole.

There’s also Karine (Wyler), who dates Dred for some reason.  And Chloe (Valette) who’s main problem is follow thru.  I mean, if you’re gonna do something, don’t half-ass it.  Loic (Libereau) is Chloe’s whiny ass boyfriend.  Why he even goes on this trip is beyond me.  He just complains the whole time.  And then there’s Guillaume (Lenglet), who likes Chloe in secret, but is really just there as fodder.

Everyone’s fodder basically.  It’s very Wrong Turn with more rock climbing and less inbreeding.  It’s very tense as well.  We kept waiting to see who was going to bite it next and how.  By the way, this would NEVER be me and DJ because we’re not rock climbing damn it.


There was good acting and good effects.  And the rules were simple: don’t be stupid and don’t go where you don’t belong.  We recommend if you don’t mind the everyone being fodder bit.

Our score: 50.

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