Temple (2017)

Directed by Michael Barrett.  Written by Simon Barrett.  Starring Logan Huffman, Brandon Sklenar and Natalia Warner.

Plot: three people go to a Japanese temple they were warned not to go to and it all turns into a nightmare.


Chris (Huffman), Kate (Warner) and James (Sklenar) go on a trip to Japan.  Kate, who is studying comparative religion in college, finds a book in a shop that she’s interested in, but the owner of the shop suddenly refuses to sell it to her.  The townspeople tell the three that the temple in the book is bad and not to go there, but they don’t listen.  After that, it’s your basic, youshouldhavelistenedtothelocals story.

The characters are inconsistent though.  One minute James is afraid to walk down the mountain in the dark and the next he’s taking a freakin’ walk in the dark.  It was also unoriginal, there was no motive to speak of, no rules and you didn’t see any murder actually taking place.  Also, what the hell with the end?  We won’t give it away, but we say “What the hell?”

It does get points for some horrific monsters, some okay acting and rather capable direction.  But that most certainly is not enough for us to recommend.  Not at all.

Our score: 22.

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