See No Evil 2 (2014)

Directed by The Soska sisters (AKA The Twisted Twins).  Written by Nathan Brooks and Bobby Lee Darby.  Starring Kane, Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle, Chelan Simmons, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Michael Eklund and Greyston Holt.

Plot:  a group of friends surprise another friend on her birthday, but it’s really them that’s in for the surprise.  HAHAHA!


Amy (Harris) works at the morgue.  On her birthday, the bodies from the first movie are brought in late at night and she’s forced to cancel her plans with her friends to help out.  Well, her friends, led by her brother, Will (Holt), decide to bring the party to her.  At first, everything’s cool, but then Will, who is a little too obsessed with his sister for our taste, buts into Amy’s business and both Amy and her co-worker, Seth (Eriksen) leave the party.  The others, well, they get into trouble.  Turns out Jacob Goodnight (Kane) is not dead and now he’s going to kill everyone in that morgue if it’s the last thing he does.

So, why was this movie worse than the first one?  Why did we dislike it so much?  Well, there were no boob shots.  Not sure how that happened.  There were no rules.  There was a shitty attempt at a story.  We hated that Jacob seemed to be conflicted about killing people in this one until god came into it and then suddenly he was the “hand of god”.  Like what?  We also hated that people were told to run and then just stood there.  And we really, really hated the last 10 minutes of the movie.


What did we like?  The acting was good.  From everyone except Isabelle, but we’ve seen her act in plenty of other things so we think that was mostly the directions fault.  We like The Soska sisters, but maybe they shouldn’t direct.  Everything they did just upset us.

Our score: 38.

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