Return of the Living Dead II (1988)

Written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn.  Starring Thom Mathews, James Karen, Michael Kenworthy, Suzanne Snyder, Dana Ashbrook, Marsh Dietlein, Phil Bruns and Thor Van Lingen.

Plot: some little kids find more “zombie barrels” and release more toxic gas that once again revives the dead.


Three kids find the barrel, while two grown men, Ed (Karen) and Joey (Mathews), go into the cemetery to rob from the dead.  Automatically, we wanted them to die because you don’t disrespect the dead.  Anyway, two of the little monster kids release the toxic gas and go home very sick.  Little do they know that they’ve also released the Tarman inside.  The third boy, Jesse  (Kenworthy), visits one of the two boys, Billy (Lingen), and finds him very sick.  Knowing that Billy opened the barrel, Jesse goes to check it out.  He finds Tarman there who promptly tries to eat him, but not before he gets the Army’s number off the side of the canister.

Meanwhile, the gas has been released and the people in the cemetery start to wake up.  They attack Ed and Joey, but Ed and Joey have already been poisoned by the gas.  Just like the first movie.  There’s even a joke in there where Joey says that all this seems so familiar to him.  Haha.


Jesse tries to warn his sister, Lucy (Dietlein) about everything, but she doesn’t want to hear it, so he calls the Army instead.  Eventually, while on the run, Ed, Joey and Joey’s girlfriend, Brenda (Snyder), end up Jesse’s house with him, Lucy and the cute, young, cable guy, Tom (Ashbrook).  They all run to the neighbor, Doc Mandel (Bruns), who has a car they can use and that’s when the real fun starts.

It’s funny.  There’s excellent dialogue.  It’s rewatchable.  There’s an excellent motive of course because they’re zombies and they need brains.  The ending is terrific, unlike the first movie.  And the cast is terrific as well.  Look for a Mitch Pileggi cameo as one of the soldiers who comes to try to fix everything.


DJ still gave it more points than I did, but I really liked this one as well.

My score: 76.  DJ’s score: 83.

“Like this job?!”

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