Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

Written by John Penney

Directed by Brian Yuzna

starring Melinda Clarke, J. Trevor Edmond, Kent McCord and James T. Callahan

Plot: Curt and his over zealous girlfriend Julie get themselves into trouble of the zombie variety when they break into his fathers military work place.


The third chapter in the Return of the Living Dead series is to me woefully underrated. Just look at imdb, rotten tomatoes and metacritic where it is hovering around a 50 on all three platforms as if this movie is simply average. I could not disagree more, i think this movie is pretty exceptional.

The cast arguably led by the thrill seeking Julie played marvelously by Melinda Clarke billed in this as Mindy Clarke. You then have J. Trevor Edmond as Curt who is as my sister describes the Edward Furlong of the rotld series with his sometimes impossible to understand screaming. The cast is rounded out by James T. Callahan perhaps best known as Walter Powell from Charles in Charge.

I personally loved this movie. It is akin to the Notebook with zombies. Take that as you will. It is the original zombie love story. Tara thinks it is the most melodramatic zombie movie ever but i think it works. It also bored her.

Tara also does not want to watch it again i however think it is a must own movie. There was a good motive with a good ending. Tara and I pretty much watched separate movies, she gave it a 37/100 and I gave it an 82/100. I highly recommend it and she obviously does not.


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