Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave (2005)

Directed by Ellory Elkayem.  Written by William Butler and Aaron Strongoni.  Starring John Keefe, Cory Hardrict, Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Jenny Mollen and Peter Coyote.

Plot: a college student creates a drug that literally turns people into zombies.


Apparently a sequel to Necropolis, this movie is terribly, terribly flawed.  Why?  Mostly because the kids that survived the first movie act like they’ve never seen a zombie before.  But I digress.

So, Uncle Charlie (Coyote) from Necropolis, takes the “last” canister to some Russians to be bought, but it all goes wrong of course and he ends up dead.  At the college, a letter delivered to Julian (Keefe) tells him his uncle is dead.  So, he goes to search his home and he finds another canister behind a secret door.  He takes it to his “smart” friend, Cory (Hardrict), so he can find out what’s in it.  But instead, Cory turns whatever’s in the barrel into a drug that he quickly passes out to everyone in the school.  Because it seems that literally everyone in the school is on drugs.  The main girl, Jenny (Mollen) even gives it to her lab rats.  Bitch!

The horribly stereotypical Russians are the best part of this movie.  They are awesome.  The boob shots, of which there are an abundance, are also point worthy.  Plus, zombies get good motive points, cause hello, they’re zombies.  And it gets some points for being so funny even though unintentionally.


Unfortunately, there’s so much more wrong with this movie than there is right.  Jeremy (Jenny’s brother) seems dubbed.  Not sure if he is, but either way, it’s annoying.  The acting is terrible, too.  From nearly everyone.  It’s unrealistic.  Would the school really just give him a note saying “Sorry, your uncle is dead” and not stick around to comfort him or anything.  We don’t like the main people we’re supposed to be wanting to live.  And honestly, when it comes down to it, if this movie were a person, we’d punch it in the face.

Our score: 17.

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