Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear (2013)

This movie is made of five short films all about smell, sight, tough, taste and sound.



Written and directed by Nick Everhart, this is about a man, Seth (Cory Scott Rutledge), who receives a mysterious cologne from a mysterious woman.  It gives him the courage to go see his ex, Sarah (Danae Nason) whom he is still in love with.  However, it also gives him the courage to get other women and he severely messes up his life.  It’s gross though, too.  As he puts on more cologne, his skin begins to peel off.  We’re not sure what the motive was and there were no rules.  We pretty much hated this story.

#2 SEE

Directed by Miko Hughes.  Written and directed by Hughes and Jack Daniel Stanley.  In this horrible, horrible story, an eye doctor (Ted Yudain), has special machines that can enable him to see what his patients see or even allow them to see what he wants them to see.  He tries to help a young woman, Amy (Debra Jans), who is being beaten by her boyfriend, Travis (Lowell Byers).  But this story does NOT end well at all and so we really don’t see the point.  Um, what?  Why?  It was so pointless it pissed us off.  Why Miko?  Why?



Written and directed by Emily Hagins, this is the clear favorite.  It’s really worth the whole price of the film.  It has a nice beginning, middle and end.  A blind boy (Caleb Barwick) is in a car accident with his parents and has to go out and find help on his own.  Of course, there’s a big catch and I won’t even tell you what it is because it will ruin the middle and end.  So instead, I just say watch this one definitely.  We loved it.


Written and directed by Eric England, this story follows a young man (Doug Roland) who goes to a meeting with a strange woman (Symba).  That’s about all I can tell you.  The rest is very strange.  It needed more story or a story at all.  There was some interesting innovation, but it wasn’t scary at all.



Written and directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton.  In this last story, a piece of music kills the listener.  It was an interesting concept and there was good acting, but that’s all I can really say that’s really good about it.

Our score for the whole thing: 41.  Only the 3rd one is really worth watching.

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