Wreckage (2010)

Directed by John Asher.  Written by David Frigerio.  Starring Aaron Paul, Mike Erwin, Scoot McNairy, Cameron Richardson, Kelly Kruger and Roger Perry.

Plot: four friends enter a junkyard and are hunter by a mysterious killer.


Four friends get stranded in the middle of nowhere after Jared’s (Erwin) car breaks down.  So, they take a walk and come across the above junkyard with the above killer in it.  And their stupid asses decide to break in and steal the parts since it’s after dark and the place is now closed.  Then, it gets even dumber.  Believe me.  You don’t want to watch this.

The cops and paramedics are really stupid.  There are continuity errors.  Not enough people die.  We don’t know what happened in the beginning.  It’s convaluted and unintelligent.  We can’t recommend it.  The only reason it got any points was for the acting, which was good, especially from Scoot McNairy, who was really funny and honestly, the credits were good.  They were funny, too.

My score: 32.  DJ’s score: 24.

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