Spellcaster (1988)

Directed by Rafal Zielinski.  Written by Ed Naha and Dennis Paoli.  Starring Adam Ant, Gail O’Grady, Kim Johnston Ulrich, Traci Lind, William Butler, Richard Blade, Harold Pruett and Bunty Bailey.

Plot: a group of people are killed one-by-one while taking part in a treasure hunt in a haunted castle in Italy.


Seven people win the chance to search an Italian castle for $1,000,000.  Two of them are brother, Tom (Pruett) and sister, Jackie (O’Grady).  You know we like stuff like that.  Anyway, the mysterious owner of the castle stays well hidden through most of the movie and some of the people begin to wonder why.

The bad news: this movie has two years attached to it – 1988 (the year it was finished) and 1992 (due to monetary reasons, the year it was released).  Also, it crapped out on showing you boobs like, 19 different times.  People got baths and showers and had sex and nothing.  So sad.  Good news: it was good.  I really dig Adam Ant (even though he’s only in it for like five minutes).  It was a really good story with a really positive ending.

Our score: 59.

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