Unlisted Owner (2013)

Directed by Jed Brian.  Written by Brian and Tyler Landers.  Starring Brian, Landers, Gavin Groves, Griffin Groves, Andrea Potts, Haidee Corona and Levi Atkins.

Plot: after a family is murdered, a group of friends decide to break into their house and explore.


Normally, we are very hesitant when it comes to a movie written by, directed by and starring the same person, but we were asked to watch this and we did.  And you know what, it was pretty good for a first effort.

In the film, a family of five is murdered and a small group of really immature friends here about it over the radio.  Now, I will say that they’re pretty smart in that they wait for the radio to say they’ve caught a suspect before they decide to go to the house.  But guess what, it’s the wrong suspect… obviously.  Be warned though, that they spend the first hour of the movie just driving around.  The friends seem led by Tyler and Gavin, who are complete dicks, and we’re not sure why the rest of them were even friends with them.  And there’s no Freddy Claws because they argue about everything the whole movie, including going to the house.  Where they do finally end up.  And once they’re there, they start getting picked off pretty quickly.  It’s good times.

The movie was funny.  DJ really enjoyed the dialogue.  And I got to give it a whole buttload of points for managing to get me with that one last scare at the end.  We recommend it.  It’s low budget, but highly enjoyable.

Our score: 56.

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