Animal (2014)

Directed by Brett Simmons.  Written by Thommy Hutson and Catherine Trillo.  Starring  Keke Palmer, Joey Lauren Adams, Elizabeth Gillies, Paul Iacono, Thorsten Kaye, Amaury Nolasco, Jeremy Sumpter, Parker Young and Eve (for like 1/2 a minute).

Plot: some sort of blood-thirsty animal in the woods is attacking people.


In the very beginning, four friends are running from something and it attacks and kills one of them (Eve).  Later, five other friends, Alissa (Palmer), her boyfriend, Matt (Sumpter), her brother, Jeff (Young), Jeff’s girlfriend, Mandy (Gillies) and their friend Sean (Iacono), go for a hike in the same woods.  Then, the animal attacks them as well and kills Jeff.  The four of them that are left end up finding a little shack for shelter that just so happens to be where the three (Adams, Kaye and Nolasco) are from earlier.

From there it’s your normal, fight for survival against a fierce animal movie.  The thing attacks the house and they board it up.  But can they survive in there for long or will they have to make a run for it??  Some of the characters are very annoying.  Like Doug, the dick, or Matt who states that “its only an animal” as if animals aren’t smart enough to do the things it’s doing.


It’s a humanoid, rat, bear, thing.  We’re really surprised with who got to live and who didn’t.  Also, a little disappointed in how slow people were to react and run away.  We also would have liked more story about the animal itself.  Who?  What?  Why?  You know, the basics.

The effects were amazing though.  And the acting was nice, too.  Overall, it’s a movie we suggest watching at least once.  We’re not gonna own it or anything, but it’s a good creature feature.  And we like “the twist” at the end even though we saw it coming.

My score: 55.  DJ’s score: 60.

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