Warning Sign (1985)

Directed by Hal Barwood.  Written by Barwood and Matthew Robbins.  Starring Kathleen Quinlan, Sam Waterston, Jeffrey DeMunn, Yaphet Kotto, G.W. Bailey, Jerry Hardin, Rick Rossovich and Meshach Taylor.

Plot:  research scientists are turned into homicidal maniacs when a secret germ-warfare experiment goes haywire.


In a secret, medical laboratory, something gets broken and it starts making people sick.  It appears that they die (or maybe they just pass out) and then get back up and they start killing the few other people that aren’t sick.  Joanie (Quinlan) is stuck inside and her husband, Cal, the local sheriff (Waterston) is outside trying to get her out of the place alive.  So, he goes to the one man who may be able to help, a former scientist and alcoholic, Dr. Dan Fairchild (DeMunn).

There’s a wonderful cast and an awesome story, but it wasn’t very original.  Also, it was a bit over dramatic in parts, but still really nice.  It followed rules.  The motive was reasonable.  The effects were impressive for 1985.  And it was also pretty realistic.  We really liked it.  It’s a great watch.

My score: 66.  DJ’s score: 75.

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