Dead of Night (1946)

Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden and Robert Hamer.  Written by John Baines, E.F. Benson, Angus MacPhail and H.G. Wells.  Starring Michael Redgrave, Melvyn Johns, Fredrick Valk, Roland Culver and Sally Ann Howes.

Plot: the guests at a country home take turns telling supernatural stories.


The first story is The Hearse Driver based on “The Bus Conductor” by E.F. Benson.  It’s a classic and it was classically creepy in this as well.  The second story, The Christmas Party, was about a girl who meets a ghost she doesn’t realize is a ghost.  The third story, The Haunting Mirror, was pretty good.  And man was that wife a beast when she just started ripping apart that mirror, splinters and cuts be damned.  The fourth story, The Golfer’s Story, was more funny than scary and didn’t seem to fit in.  The fifth story, The Ventriloquist’s Dummy, we took as a very severe psychosis and a very fucked up story.

Then there was the linking narrative.  And can we say “What the fuck?!”  This had to have been one of the first mind fuck horror movies.  And we seldom enjoy those, this time being no different.  It was original, The acting was dead on, but it was a little boring sometimes and there was no actual death.  But we can’t recommend everything, can we?

Our score: 34.

“I’m not frightened!  I’m not frightened!”

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