Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Directed by Dan Curtis.  Teleplay written by William F. Nolan, based on stories by Richard Matheson.  Starring Karen Black (in 4 roles), John Karlen, Jim Storm, George Gaynes, Gregory Harrison and Robert Burton.

Plot: three short tales are told of tormented women.


The first story is “Julie”.  Julie is a teacher who is drugged by a student who takes sexual pictures of her to use them to blackmail her into having a sexual relationship with him.  The “rape” is only implied here, but there’s a twist see and it’s tense, but not too violent.  We didn’t really like the story though.  There’s some evil fuckers in the world and we already know that.

The second story is “Millicent and Therese”.  In this story twin, Millie believes her sister Therese is evil, but once again, there’s a twist.  It was probably really awesome for 1975, too.  There was terrific acting, but the motive was ridiculous.  We liked it okay, but not something we highly recommend.

The third and last installment is “Amelia”.  In this, Amelia buys an authentic Zuni doll named “He Who Kills” for her boyfriend.  Why?  Not sure.  We wouldn’t have.  Anyway, the thing accidentally comes to life and it is impressively terrifying.  The mother/daughter relationship in this story is so realistic, too.  The acting was, once again, lovely.  And the direction was spot on.  Very tense.  It was by far our favorite of the three.


Altogether, we recommend the movie.  Especially for the last part.  And if you want to watch Trilogy of Terror 2, you really should watch this one first.

Our score: 53.

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