Occupant (2011)

Directed by Henry Miller.  Written by Jonathan Brett.  Starring Van Hansis, Thorsten Kaye and Cody Horn.

Plot: terror awaits a young man who locks himself in his apartment for 12 days.


A young man, Danny (Hansis) whose grandmother has just died in her rent-controlled apartment, decides to squat inside of it until a lawyer friend of the strange doorman can turn over the lease to him permanently.  Joe (Kaye), the strange doorman, becomes Danny’s only link to the outside world.  As the days go by, Danny becomes more and more isolated and starts to have delusions and hallucinations.  It’s mostly a psychological film that’s about not blocking yourself off from society too long.

******SPOILER ALERT******



The girl that visits him (Cody Horn) was the bright spot of the movie and we wanted to see more of her, but that was not to be.  See, Danny kills her.  And he kills his cat.  I mean, how does only 12 days in isolation – and not even total isolation – do that to a person.  Is that what we’re really supposed to get here?  For us, that’s not enough motive.  We nearly hated this damn movie.  The casting was okay and I liked the specials, but DJ didn’t even like those.  It is so not worth watching.

My score: 29.  DJ’s score: 22.

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