Don’t Blink (2014)

Written and directed by Travis Oates.  Starring Brian Austin Green, Joanne Kelly, Mena Suvari, Robert Picardo and Zack Ward.

Plot: 10 friends arrive at a secluded mountain resort and find it deserted and then one by one, they start to disappear as well.


The first sign that everything is bad is that there’s no cell service.  How is there never any cell service?  I ask you that.  Anyway, this movie, filled with good actors, uses them poorly.  Jack (Green) is the voice of “reason” in the group.  When they arrive to find that no one is there, but there’s half-eaten food lying around, he’s the one that suggest splitting up to look for the people that have to be somewhere, right?  Wrong!  They check the resort, the cabins, the cars and there’s no one.  And on top of that, they soon realize that there are no insects around either.  How can there be no insects?  Things go to complete shit though, when Tracy (Suvari), whose name comes first in the credits, also goes missing first.

Honestly, it was fucking hysterical in the beginning.  A lot of funny parts.  But then it continues and it becomes a dreadful movie.  There is no motive, no innovation, no rules, no Freddy Claws and an incomplete story.  A lot of it was pretentious.  Yeah, Oates seems a little obnoxious as a writer/director.  Maybe he should focus on one or the other and have someone help him.  Maybe that would work.  We don’t know.  We just know that this was not a good movie.


Towards the end of the movie, Claire (Kelly) even says to Jack that she just wants to know WHY it’s happening.  And Jack responds with, “I’m not sure I care anymore.”  And that about sums up the movie.  We realized that Oates was going to give us bullshit and never say why, so we just waited impatiently for the infuriating ending.

Our score: 35.

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