The Caller (2011)

Directed by Matthew Parkhill.  Written by Sergio Casci.  Starring Rachelle Lafevre, Stephen Moyer, Luis Guizman and Ed Quinn.

Plot: a young woman gets strange calls in her new apartment.


Mary (Lefevre) sets up house in her new place and finds an old phone that she just falls in love with.  Not sure why, but she does.  Then, she starts to get mysterious calls on said phone from a woman named Rose, who claims to be calling from the past.  It’s honestly a very engaging and well made movie that totally sucked ass.

The movie had a cool concept, an amazing and attractive cast and really lovely effects, but it sucked.  The execution was lousy.  Not rewatchable at all!  They killed off everyone we liked.  Fuck it.  It got some points, but we still don’t recommend.

Our score: 41.

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