Treehouse (2014)

Directed by Michael G. Bartlett.  Written by Alex Child and Miles Harrington.  Starring Dana Melanie, J. Michael Trautmann, Daniel Frederick, Nick Herra and Clint James.

Plot: a young girl goes missing – two boys find her – but they also find an evil presence that traps them in a treehouse.


In the beginning, many children go missing, including a sister, Elizabeth (Melanie) and brother, Little Bob.  There’s a curfew set in the town, but two brothers, Crawford (Frederick) and Killian (Trautmann), decide to break curfew.  Outside, they end up finding Elizabeth in a treehouse.  She and Little Bob were separated.  So, Crawford decides to go for help while Killian stays with Elizabeth.  But will Crawford find help?  Can Killian and Elizabeth afford to wait?

It’s a thriller.  A very effective one.  And you think the movie is going one way, but then it goes another.  DJ thought it was a bit slow in parts, but the story was still a terrific one.  The effects were just right and the acting was great, too, considering the ages of these young people and the things they had to effectively go through.

It’s not a laughing movie.  It’s not “fun” by definition, so don’t watch if you want cheesy.  Do watch it though.  It was excellent.  The ending especially was great and definitely different than we’re used to.

Our score: 69.

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