Haunt (2013)

Directed by Mac Carter.  Written by Andrew Barrer.  Starring Harrison Gilbertson, Liana Liberato, Jacki Weaver, Brian Wimmer, Danielle Chuchran and Ione Skye.

Plot: a teen, Evan (Gilbertson), moves into a house with his family, meets the girl of his dreams and discovers his house is haunted.


Evan and his family move into an old house.  Soon after, he meets a neighbor girl who’s having problems with his father.  She’s very quickly sneaking into his bed at night.  When Evan begins to think that his house is haunted, he enlists her help in figuring things out.

I will say that along the way, things get fucking scary as hell.  We jumped.  It was awesome!  We loved the family.  They were really close and as part of a close family ourselves, we liked to see that.  The acting was good, the effects were amazing, the direction was great.  But then it faltered.


At times, it felt like we were watching a Lifetime movie and that isn’t a good thing.  DJ even thought it was a little slow in parts.  There ended up being no rules.  The Freddy Claws was all over the place.  We almost liked it.  We really did.  But then it ended and it was atrocious.  Must we ask this: why do good people become killers just because they die?  We don’t get that.

My score: 38.  DJ’s score: 43.

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