8213: Gacy House (2010)

Directed by Anthony Fankhauser.  Written by David Michael Latt, Paul Bales and David Rimawi.  Starring Matthew Temple, Rachel Riley, Jim Lewis, Michael Gaglio, Brett A. Newton, Diana Terranova and Sylvia Panacione.

Plot: found footage film about a group of paranormal investigators that try to contact Gacy at his former address.


Oh, how bad is this movie.  The characters are total cliches.  Apparently the psychic is also an expert in Norse Mythology, although she doesn’t even know that the root chakra is located in the base of your spine, not your lower stomach.  And apparently Loki has the power to get rid of Gacy, as she calls on him later to do so.  This, of course, doesn’t work, but my god, what the hell is going on?  We hated her so bad.

They are some really bad actors.  Especially the “professor” who isn’t professing anything.  He’s just being a drunk bum.  People had the opportunity to leave and didn’t.  Then, there’s something interesting happening, but then it’s just the wind and nothing was there, but then something was there.  Like, omfg! pick one!!!

An old house is not built in the 80’s.  That’s not an “old house”.  And 3 am is not almost dawn.  It’s the middle of the fucking night.  The “case” was apparently opened on March 6th, but the autopsies weren’t done until April 3rd.  This really pissed DJ off.  They used his asphyxiation form of death which was cool, but they had him killing women, which wasn’t him.  We sadly have to side with Gacy in this movie.  Kill everyone.  Sure.  We’re just upset we never got to see a clown ghost.


It gets some points because it was so-bad-it’s-good in parts.  But we don’t recommend unless you just want to laugh your way through it.

Our score: 22.

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