Bloody Birthday (1981)

Directed by Ed Hunt.  Written by Hunt and Barry Pearson.  Starring Downtown Julie Brown, Melinda Cordell, Jose Ferrer, Andy Freeman, Elizabeth Hoy, Billy Jayne, Lori Lethin, K.C. Martel, Joe Penny and Susan Strasberg.

Plot: some kids are going around killing people because they were born on a solar eclipse and have no conscience.


In opens with two people having sex in a freshly dug grave (neither me nor DJ have ever needed sex that bad).  They are killed by an unseen source.  Then, some creepy 10-year-olds, Debbie (Hoy), Curtis (Jayne) and Steven (Freeman), are watching Downtown Julie Brown dance naked.  Then, they start killing people, including the Sheriff, who was one of their own fathers.

It is some kind of stupid motivation.  A lot of people are born during eclipses.  What the hell?  Also, there should be some kickback when a 10-year-old shoots a gun.  But there wasn’t in this movie.  There is plenty of boobs though.  And although the rules were sucky, it was original.  But the story was bad and DJ hated it.  I found it too funny to hate completely, but it doesn’t get high marks.

My score: 38.  DJ’s score: 20.

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