Apollo 18 (2011)

Directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego.  Written by Brian Miller.  Starring Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen and Ryan Robbins.

Plot: three astronauts go to the moon and encounter monsters.


According to the government that sends them all to the moon, they are going on a classified mission to see if the Russian’s are spying on us.  The movie takes place in 1973 and three men are sent on said mission: Ben Anderson (Christie), Nate Walker (Owen) and John Grey (Robbins).

When they arrive on the moon the first thing they do is set up cameras all over.  Then, they find a Russian ship and a dead cosmonaut nearby.  It looks like he was killed by someone other than himself, but Russia says they only sent one guy.  So then they decide it’s time to go home and they start off, but something goes wrong of course and they can’t leave.  And that’s when they are introduced to the “rock spiders” and shit gets even worse.


What is the takeaway from this movie?  That the government sucks and will always keep things from us and that alien life exists on the moon of all places.  It was original and had a great cast, but DJ found it unrealistic.  I did not though.  However, we both do recommend a viewing.  It was a creepy little thriller.

My score: 56.  DJ’s score: 52.

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