The Cellar (1989)

Directed by Kevin Tenney.  Written by John Woodward and Darryl Wimberley, based on a short story by David Henry Keller.  Starring Patrick Kilpatrick, Chris Miller, Suzanne Savoy, Ford Rainey, Michael Wren, Lou Perryman and Danny Mora.

Plot: a boy finds a monster under his new Texas home and decides he has to be the one to kill it.


So, a new family moves into a new home that has an old Comanche curse.  Then, the boy starts seeing things, but his father and stepmother don’t believe him.  The dad even goes downstairs and feels spooked, but still doesn’t believe.  Finally, birds attack the house and then he believes, but no one really ever works together.

Suffice it to say, there’s way more wrong with the movie than there is right.  The Freddy Claws sucks.  The acting is uneven at best.  We totally checked out while it was on and started doing other things to keep from being bored.  The opening and ending narrative is pointless and stupid and shouldn’t be there.  The Native American monster kills everyone, even Native Americans, which has even the Native Americans confused.  And the movie is racist.  The white people spend the whole movie being shitty towards Native Americans, even the little boy.

We can’t recommend.  Our score: 17.

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