Megalodon (2018)

Directed by James Thomas.  Written by Koichi Petetsky and Thunder Levin.  Starring Dominic Pace, Caroline Harris and Michael Madsen.

Plot: a military vessel in search of unidentified submarines, come face to face with a giant shark.


This movie is horrible.  But laughably so, so it gets some points.  It’s about some Russians who go deep sea drilling and unleash a giant shark.  He bites their sub and they get stuck on the ocean floor.  So, the USA people come to save them.  This whole sub plot is ridiculous, uninteresting and extremely racist.

Now, the shark.  He’s not that scary.  The CGI just doesn’t hold up like it did in the big budget movie The Meg made the same year.  The underwater shots scared me more than anything.  And it all turned out to be less about the shark and more about Russian espionage.

The acting is bad.  Especially in the part of the Commander (Harris) who is very monotone and delivers every line the same way.  We also couldn’t deal with all the slow motion shots during the “dramatic” scenes.  It was unrealistic and the script was just awful.  It did end well though.  But we don’t recommend unless you want the laugh.

My score: 35.  DJ’s score: 30.

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