The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2005)

Written and directed by John Stimpson.  Starring Julie Delpy, Justin Theroux, Brooke Adams, Mark Boone Jr., Kathleen Regan, Cassidy Hinkle and Anna Friedman.

Plot: a family moves to rural New England and into a haunted house.


This movie is less a horror movie and more something Lifetime plays during Halloween.  It’s not very scary at all, but it is melodramatic.  Guy (Theroux) and Jeanne (Delpy) move into their new house with their two daughters (Regan and Hinkle).  But the property they are on is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a child that disappeared there over 200 hundred years earlier.

The cast was quite good and I enjoyed the story, but DJ didn’t.  Also, there was no Freddy Claws.  So, it didn’t get really high marks.  I suggest that if you like Lifetime “horror” you might like this.  Otherwise, skip it.

My score: 49.  DJ’s score: 44.

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