The Monkey’s Paw (2013)

Directed by Brett Simmons.  Written by Macon Blair, based on the short story by W.W. Jacobs.  Starring C.J. Thomason, Corbin Bleu, Charles S. Dutton and Stephen Lang.

Plot: a young man is given a monkey’s paw that grants three wishes, but with every wish, life spins a little bit more out of control.


Jake (Thomason) is given the monkey’s paw by a friend who has just been fired.  He tells him that it grants him three wishes.  Jake doesn’t believe him so he makes a crazy wish, but it comes true.  Of course, if you’re at all familiar with The Monkey’s Paw story, you know that because of this, someone dies.  And he tries to resurrect them with his next wish.  To throw another monkey wrench (pun intended) into the mix, there’s a bad guy in the picture that wants to use the paw for his own desires.  And he’ll kill to get it.

During the movie, Jake makes very poor decisions.  Nearly everyone is unlikable, dead or doomed.  This story should have been so much better.  It shit on the original story and we were really disappointed.  DJ also didn’t like the “soulless” motive.  Like why does soulless automatically mean evil?  Why aren’t you more pliable without a soul?  More blank?  It followed it’s own rules, but we didn’t like them, so no points there.

Good points?  The effects and the cast.  But we don’t recommend.

Our score: 35.

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