The Terror Experiment (2010)

Directed by George Mendeluk.  Written by D. Todd Deeken.  Starring Jason London, Lochlyn Munro, Robert Carradine, C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson.

Plot: a disgruntled vet releases a biological weapon that infects people with a fight-or-flight response.


The gas the vet releases into a federal building, somehow triggers people and turns them into flesh-eating monsters.  Everyone on certain floors are changed, while a small group of people (mostly the names of people you recognize) have to fight to survive and get out of the building.  It sounds like it could be a really neat zombie type thriller, but it’s not.  It’s weak and terrible and we’re surprised we made it through.

The script is awful.  The effects are ridiculous.  When the building fell it looked like an Erector Set.  Even the acting is horrible and we’re not used to it from these actors.  But we think the wretched story brought them all down.  It was just a stupid conspiracy theory movie that we think we got tumors from watching it.

My score: 23.  DJ’s score: 12.

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