Final Exam (1981)

Written and directed by Jimmy Huston.  Starring Cecile Bagdadi, Joel S. Rice, Ralph Brown, DeAnna Robbins, Sherry Willis-Burch, Timothy Raynor and John Fallon.

Plot: a killer comes to a college campus and starts murdering people at random.


Frankly, it’s terrible.  Incredibly terrible.  The script was terrible.  The story was terrible.  The soundtrack was terrible.  You never find out who he is or why he’s killing people.  Also, he’s a little too strong for our liking.  And the open was a different school altogether?  So, why did he jump schools?

The acting wasn’t awful and there’s some unintentional laughter throughout, but for like an hour of the movie all you hear is creepy music while seeing a figure of a man you can only assume will start killing people soon.  But then when he does, half the murders are done off-screen.  Honestly, I was falling asleep I was so bored.

My score: 15.  DJ’s score: 22.

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