Scanners (1981)

Written and directed by David Cronenberg.  Starring Michael Ironside, Jennifer O’Neill, Lawrence Dane, Patrick McGoohan and Stephen Lack.

Plot: one powerful psychic wants to control the world and another one wants to stop him.


DJ and I are not big Cronenberg fans.  That being said, we didn’t really enjoy this one either.  The story is a complicated one, but at the heart of it lies a man, Revok (Ironside) who is a “scanner” and he wants to take over the world.  He has the power to even blow up people’s heads.  Which is like, the only cool part of the movie.  And then there’s this guy Vale (Lack) who is going up against him.  It’s very weird though.  A lot weird.  And a bit on the boring side.  Also, it was more thriller than horror.

It was well acted though, even if the writing was scary cheesy.  It was original and the direction was interesting, but not enough to sway us in Cronenberg’s direction.  Also, WTF was with that end?

******SPOILER ALERT******




Apparently at the end, Revok was Vale.  I mean, Vale was in Revok’s body.  But we don’t honestly understand why or how that happened.  If someone could explain it, drop us a line.

Our score: 29.

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